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      "And might not Jackson's battlefield of 1815, in close view from these windows, become a new one?"

      Oh, didnt I? he said, modestly. It was a very nice letter, in the most beau-ti-ful language, intimating that I and Taffy, and the rest of us, were the saviors of our country, or something to that effect. MacGrath wanted to have it framed and stuck up in the Eldorado, and so I took it away from him and put it where it couldnt do any damagein the fire. The boys are quite vain enough already; if that letter were left lying around theyd want to build a church, or a jail, or some highfalutin institution of that kind.

      She took a book to a window seat, adding as she went, "Victorine. You've not heard ab-out that, neither? She's biccome an orphan. Hmm! Also--the little beggar!--she's--married. Yes. To Charles Valcour. My God! I wish I was a man."

      Then a deafening shout was raised by hundreds of voices. Even the cliffs repeated:This gentleman and I have met and had a little difference, he said. And we have decided to settle it here and now. You have come just in time, and can act as umpire.

      He let her fall back slowly in the hammock, his arm still round her, and as he knelt, he hid his face on her bosom.

      Lady Wyndover trembled.


      One moment, said Varley, gravely, and with something like his old languid tone. I, too, should like to shake hands with you, if you will permit me. It strikes me youve not been the only fool in this business. And that theres a villain, too.He wet his lips suggestively, and, without a word, one of the men got his glass replenished.


      This man she loved had married her for her money while loving another woman, and now dared to deem her guilty of the worst crime of which a woman and a wife can be capable. Well, let him think her so! She would not utter one word of denial, she would scorn to do so.Norman started, then went white and trembledactually trembled.


      Ah! Taffy drew a long breath of disappointment. Nothingnothing from Ralda, I spose? he added in an off-hand way.