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      He found himself rising, dressing, shaving off the stubble of beard. His head hurt, his eyes ached, his mouth was hardly improved by a gargle, but all that was far away, as distant as his own body and his own motions."Here, what's all this row about?" he asked in quick, sharp tones.

      "Oh Lord!" wailed Ditch"Oh Lord!"

      She was still fond of her children, but in a listless, mechanical way. Sometimes when she had them all gathered round her, for their bedtime or a bath, she would find the tears welling up in her eyes till all the little faces were blurred. Poor mites! what future lay ahead of them? They were their father's slaves as well as shethe utmost would be ground out of them as it had been ground out of her.

      But it was all hopeless. Most likely in future all that would remain free to him of Boarzell would be this Fair ground, crowded once a year. The rest would be built overfat shop-keepers would grow fatteroh, durn it!

      "Rumors during a war are almost always ridiculous. That fact makes no difference at all. They'll be believedbecause they have to be believed."



      W. L. Elliot.


      "For the angel of death spread his wings on the blast,